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openmsx::MSXEventDistributor Class Reference

#include <MSXEventDistributor.hh>

Public Member Functions

 MSXEventDistributor ()=default
 MSXEventDistributor (const MSXEventDistributor &)=delete
 MSXEventDistributor (MSXEventDistributor &&)=delete
MSXEventDistributoroperator= (const MSXEventDistributor &)=delete
MSXEventDistributoroperator= (MSXEventDistributor &&)=delete
 ~MSXEventDistributor ()
void registerEventListener (MSXEventListener &listener)
 Registers a given object to receive certain events.
void unregisterEventListener (MSXEventListener &listener)
 Unregisters a previously registered event listener.
void distributeEvent (const Event &event, EmuTime::param time)
 Deliver the event to all registered listeners.

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MSXEventDistributor() [1/3]

openmsx::MSXEventDistributor::MSXEventDistributor ( )

◆ MSXEventDistributor() [2/3]

openmsx::MSXEventDistributor::MSXEventDistributor ( const MSXEventDistributor )

◆ MSXEventDistributor() [3/3]

openmsx::MSXEventDistributor::MSXEventDistributor ( MSXEventDistributor &&  )

◆ ~MSXEventDistributor()

openmsx::MSXEventDistributor::~MSXEventDistributor ( )

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Member Function Documentation

◆ distributeEvent()

void openmsx::MSXEventDistributor::distributeEvent ( const Event event,
EmuTime::param  time 

Deliver the event to all registered listeners.

eventThe event
timeCurrent time Note: MSXEventListener's are allowed to throw exceptions, and this method doesn't catch them (in case of an exception it's undefined which listeners receive the event)

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Referenced by openmsx::EventDelay::flush().

◆ operator=() [1/2]

MSXEventDistributor & openmsx::MSXEventDistributor::operator= ( const MSXEventDistributor )

◆ operator=() [2/2]

MSXEventDistributor & openmsx::MSXEventDistributor::operator= ( MSXEventDistributor &&  )

◆ registerEventListener()

void openmsx::MSXEventDistributor::registerEventListener ( MSXEventListener listener)

Registers a given object to receive certain events.

listenerListener that will be notified when an event arrives.

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Referenced by openmsx::Keyboard::Keyboard(), openmsx::MSXCommandController::MSXCommandController(), openmsx::SG1000Pause::SG1000Pause(), and openmsx::VideoLayer::VideoLayer().

◆ unregisterEventListener()

void openmsx::MSXEventDistributor::unregisterEventListener ( MSXEventListener listener)

Unregisters a previously registered event listener.

listenerListener to unregister.

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References move_pop_back(), and rfind_unguarded().

Referenced by openmsx::Keyboard::~Keyboard(), openmsx::MSXCommandController::~MSXCommandController(), openmsx::SG1000Pause::~SG1000Pause(), and openmsx::VideoLayer::~VideoLayer().

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