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openmsx::Graphic7Mode Struct Reference

Represents V9938 Graphic 7 mode (SCREEN8). More...

Static Public Member Functions

static unsigned addressOf (unsigned x, unsigned y, bool extVRAM)
static byte point (VDPVRAM &vram, unsigned x, unsigned y, bool extVRAM)
template<typename LogOp >
static void pset (EmuTime::param time, VDPVRAM &vram, unsigned x, unsigned addr, byte src, byte color, LogOp op)
static byte duplicate (byte color)

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr byte COLOR_MASK = 0xFF
static constexpr byte PIXELS_PER_BYTE = 1
static constexpr byte PIXELS_PER_BYTE_SHIFT = 0
static constexpr unsigned PIXELS_PER_LINE = 256

Detailed Description

Represents V9938 Graphic 7 mode (SCREEN8).

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Member Function Documentation

◆ addressOf()

unsigned openmsx::Graphic7Mode::addressOf ( unsigned  x,
unsigned  y,
bool  extVRAM 

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References likely, and openmsx::x.

Referenced by openmsx::IncrByteAddr7::IncrByteAddr7().

◆ duplicate()

byte openmsx::Graphic7Mode::duplicate ( byte  color)

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◆ point()

byte openmsx::Graphic7Mode::point ( VDPVRAM vram,
unsigned  x,
unsigned  y,
bool  extVRAM 

◆ pset()

template<typename LogOp >
void openmsx::Graphic7Mode::pset ( EmuTime::param  time,
unsigned  x,
unsigned  addr,
byte  src,
byte  color,
LogOp  op 

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Member Data Documentation


constexpr byte openmsx::Graphic7Mode::COLOR_MASK = 0xFF

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constexpr byte openmsx::Graphic7Mode::PIXELS_PER_BYTE = 1

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constexpr byte openmsx::Graphic7Mode::PIXELS_PER_BYTE_SHIFT = 0

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constexpr unsigned openmsx::Graphic7Mode::PIXELS_PER_LINE = 256

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