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openmsx::FAT Namespace Reference


struct  Cluster
struct  EndOfChain
struct  Free


using DirCluster = std::variant< Free, Cluster >
using FatCluster = std::variant< Free, EndOfChain, Cluster >
using FileName = decltype(MSXDirEntry::filename)

Typedef Documentation

◆ DirCluster

using openmsx::FAT::DirCluster = typedef std::variant<Free, Cluster>

Definition at line 38 of file MSXtar.hh.

◆ FatCluster

using openmsx::FAT::FatCluster = typedef std::variant<Free, EndOfChain, Cluster>

Definition at line 39 of file MSXtar.hh.

◆ FileName

using openmsx::FAT::FileName = typedef decltype(MSXDirEntry::filename)

Definition at line 41 of file MSXtar.hh.