HexDump Namespace Reference


std::string encode (std::span< const uint8_t > input, bool newlines)
std::pair< MemBuffer< uint8_t >, size_t > decode (std::string_view input)
bool decode_inplace (std::string_view input, std::span< uint8_t > output)

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◆ decode()

std::pair< openmsx::MemBuffer< uint8_t >, size_t > HexDump::decode ( std::string_view  input)

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References openmsx::MemBuffer< T, ALIGNMENT >::resize().

◆ decode_inplace()

bool HexDump::decode_inplace ( std::string_view  input,
std::span< uint8_t >  output 

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Referenced by openmsx::InputArchiveBase< Derived >::serialize_blob().

◆ encode()

std::string HexDump::encode ( std::span< const uint8_t >  input,
bool  newlines 

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References t, and xrange().