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#include "catch.hpp"
#include "IterableBitSet.hh"
#include "ranges.hh"
#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
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template<size_t N>
void expect (const IterableBitSet< N > &s, const std::vector< size_t > &expected)
template<size_t N>
void test (const IterableBitSet< N > &s, std::initializer_list< size_t > list)
template<size_t N>
void test (std::initializer_list< size_t > list)
 TEST_CASE ("IterableBitSet")

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template<size_t N>
void expect ( const IterableBitSet< N > &  s,
const std::vector< size_t > &  expected 

Definition at line 8 of file

References CHECK(), and IterableBitSet< N >::foreachSetBit().

Referenced by test(), and TEST_CASE().

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template<size_t N>
void test ( const IterableBitSet< N > &  s,
std::initializer_list< size_t >  list 

Definition at line 19 of file

References expect(), ranges::sort(), and test().

Referenced by test(), test(), TEST_CASE(), TEST_CASE(), and TEST_CASE().

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template<size_t N>
void test ( std::initializer_list< size_t >  list)


TEST_CASE ( "IterableBitSet"  )