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serialize.hh File Reference
#include "serialize_core.hh"
#include "SerializeBuffer.hh"
#include "XMLElement.hh"
#include "MemBuffer.hh"
#include "hash_map.hh"
#include "inline.hh"
#include "strCat.hh"
#include "unreachable.hh"
#include <zlib.h>
#include <string>
#include <typeindex>
#include <type_traits>
#include <vector>
#include <sstream>
#include <cassert>
#include <memory>
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struct  openmsx::HashPair
struct  openmsx::SerializeClassVersion< T >
 Store serialization-version number of a class. More...
class  openmsx::ArchiveBase< Derived >
class  openmsx::OutputArchiveBase2
class  openmsx::OutputArchiveBase< Derived >
class  openmsx::InputArchiveBase2
class  openmsx::InputArchiveBase< Derived >
struct  openmsx::SerializeAsMemcpy< T >
struct  openmsx::SerializeAsMemcpy< bool >
struct  openmsx::SerializeAsMemcpy< char >
struct  openmsx::SerializeAsMemcpy< signed char >
struct  openmsx::SerializeAsMemcpy< unsigned char >
struct  openmsx::SerializeAsMemcpy< short >
struct  openmsx::SerializeAsMemcpy< unsigned short >
struct  openmsx::SerializeAsMemcpy< int >
struct  openmsx::SerializeAsMemcpy< unsigned int >
struct  openmsx::SerializeAsMemcpy< long >
struct  openmsx::SerializeAsMemcpy< unsigned long >
struct  openmsx::SerializeAsMemcpy< long long >
struct  openmsx::SerializeAsMemcpy< unsigned long long >
struct  openmsx::SerializeAsMemcpy< float >
struct  openmsx::SerializeAsMemcpy< double >
struct  openmsx::SerializeAsMemcpy< long double >
struct  openmsx::SerializeAsMemcpy< T[N]>
class  openmsx::MemOutputArchive
class  openmsx::MemInputArchive
class  openmsx::XmlOutputArchive
class  openmsx::XmlInputArchive


 Thanks to enen for testing this on a real cartridge:



Macro Definition Documentation


template void CLASS::serialize(MemInputArchive&, unsigned); \
template void CLASS::serialize(MemOutputArchive&, unsigned); \
template void CLASS::serialize(XmlInputArchive&, unsigned); \
template void CLASS::serialize(XmlOutputArchive&, unsigned);
void serialize(Archive &ar, T &t, unsigned version)

Definition at line 981 of file serialize.hh.

Referenced by openmsx::RomBlocks< BANK_SIZE_ >::serialize(), openmsx::RawTrack::Sector::serialize(), openmsx::YM2413Okazaki::YM2413::serialize(), openmsx::MSXMotherBoard::serialize(), and openmsx::YM2413Burczynski::YM2413::serialize().