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openmsx::TTFFontPool Class Reference

Public Member Functions

TTF_Font * get (const string &filename, int ptSize)
void release (TTF_Font *font)

Static Public Member Functions

static TTFFontPoolinstance ()

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

◆ get()

TTF_Font * openmsx::TTFFontPool::get ( const string &  filename,
int  ptSize 

Definition at line 96 of file

References openmsx::filename, ranges::find_if(), and openmsx::SDLTTF::instance().

Referenced by openmsx::TTFFont::TTFFont().

◆ instance()

TTFFontPool & openmsx::TTFFontPool::instance ( )

Definition at line 90 of file

Referenced by openmsx::TTFFont::TTFFont(), and openmsx::TTFFont::~TTFFont().

◆ release()

void openmsx::TTFFontPool::release ( TTF_Font *  font)

Definition at line 121 of file

References move_pop_back(), and rfind_if_unguarded().

Referenced by openmsx::TTFFont::~TTFFont().

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