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openmsx::SDLOffScreenSurface Class Referencefinal

#include <SDLOffScreenSurface.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 SDLOffScreenSurface (const SDL_Surface &prototype)
- Public Member Functions inherited from openmsx::OutputSurface
 OutputSurface (const OutputSurface &)=delete
OutputSurfaceoperator= (const OutputSurface &)=delete
virtual ~OutputSurface ()=default
int getWidth () const
int getHeight () const
gl::ivec2 getLogicalSize () const
gl::ivec2 getPhysicalSize () const
gl::ivec2 getViewOffset () const
gl::ivec2 getViewSize () const
gl::vec2 getViewScale () const
bool isViewScaled () const
const SDL_PixelFormat & getSDLFormat () const
SDL_Surface * getSDLSurface () const
SDL_Renderer * getSDLRenderer () const
unsigned mapRGB (gl::vec3 rgb)
 Returns the pixel value for the given RGB color. More...
unsigned mapRGB255 (gl::ivec3 rgb)
 Same as mapRGB, but RGB components are in range [0..255]. More...
template<typename Pixel >
Pixel getKeyColor () const
 Returns the color key for this output surface. More...
template<typename Pixel >
Pixel getKeyColorClash () const
 Returns a color that is visually very close to the key color. More...
template<typename Pixel >
Pixel mapKeyedRGB255 (gl::ivec3 rgb)
 Returns the pixel value for the given RGB color. More...
template<typename Pixel >
Pixel mapKeyedRGB (gl::vec3 rgb)
 Returns the pixel value for the given RGB color. More...
void lock ()
 Lock this OutputSurface. More...
void unlock ()
 Unlock this OutputSurface. More...
bool isLocked () const
 Is this OutputSurface currently locked? More...
template<typename Pixel >
PixelgetLinePtrDirect (unsigned y)
 Returns a pointer to the requested line in the pixel buffer. More...
virtual void flushFrameBuffer ()
 For SDLGL-FB-nn, copy frame buffer to OpenGL display. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from openmsx::OutputSurface
 OutputSurface ()=default
void calculateViewPort (gl::ivec2 physSize)
void setSDLSurface (SDL_Surface *surface_)
void setSDLRenderer (SDL_Renderer *r)
void setSDLFormat (const SDL_PixelFormat &format)
void setBufferPtr (char *data, unsigned pitch)

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SDLOffScreenSurface()

openmsx::SDLOffScreenSurface::SDLOffScreenSurface ( const SDL_Surface &  prototype)

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