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#include "VDPAccessSlots.hh"
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struct  openmsx::VDPAccessSlots::AccessTable
struct  openmsx::VDPAccessSlots::CycleTable
struct  openmsx::VDPAccessSlots::ZeroTable


 Thanks to enen for testing this on a real cartridge:


EmuTime openmsx::VDPAccessSlots::getAccessSlot (EmuTime::param frame, EmuTime::param time, Delta delta, const VDP &vdp)
 Return the time of the next available access slot that is at least 'delta' cycles later than 'time'. More...
Calculator openmsx::VDPAccessSlots::getCalculator (EmuTime::param frame, EmuTime::param time, EmuTime::param limit, const VDP &vdp)
 When many calls to getAccessSlot() are needed, it's more efficient to instead use this function. More...