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SDLSurfacePtr.hh File Reference
#include "MemBuffer.hh"
#include "InitException.hh"
#include "narrow.hh"
#include <SDL.h>
#include <algorithm>
#include <memory>
#include <new>
#include <cassert>
#include <cstdlib>
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class  SDLSurfacePtr
 Wrapper around a SDL_Surface. More...
struct  SDLDestroyTexture
struct  SDLDestroyRenderer
struct  SDLDestroyWindow
struct  SDLFreeFormat
struct  SDLFreeWav
class  SDLSubSystemInitializer< FLAGS >


using SDLTexturePtr = std::unique_ptr< SDL_Texture, SDLDestroyTexture >
using SDLRendererPtr = std::unique_ptr< SDL_Renderer, SDLDestroyRenderer >
using SDLWindowPtr = std::unique_ptr< SDL_Window, SDLDestroyWindow >
using SDLAllocFormatPtr = std::unique_ptr< SDL_PixelFormat, SDLFreeFormat >
using SDLWavPtr = std::unique_ptr< Uint8, SDLFreeWav >

Typedef Documentation

◆ SDLAllocFormatPtr

using SDLAllocFormatPtr = std::unique_ptr<SDL_PixelFormat, SDLFreeFormat>

Definition at line 162 of file SDLSurfacePtr.hh.

◆ SDLRendererPtr

using SDLRendererPtr = std::unique_ptr<SDL_Renderer, SDLDestroyRenderer>

Definition at line 150 of file SDLSurfacePtr.hh.

◆ SDLTexturePtr

using SDLTexturePtr = std::unique_ptr<SDL_Texture, SDLDestroyTexture>

Definition at line 144 of file SDLSurfacePtr.hh.

◆ SDLWavPtr

using SDLWavPtr = std::unique_ptr<Uint8, SDLFreeWav>

Definition at line 168 of file SDLSurfacePtr.hh.

◆ SDLWindowPtr

using SDLWindowPtr = std::unique_ptr<SDL_Window, SDLDestroyWindow>

Definition at line 156 of file SDLSurfacePtr.hh.