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#include "WD2793.hh"
#include "DiskDrive.hh"
#include "CliComm.hh"
#include "Clock.hh"
#include "MSXException.hh"
#include "serialize.hh"
#include "unreachable.hh"
#include <iostream>
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namespace  openmsx
 This file implemented 3 utility functions:


 openmsx::SERIALIZE_ENUM (WD2793::FSMState, fsmStateInfo)


constexpr int openmsx::BUSY = 0x01
constexpr int openmsx::INDEX = 0x02
constexpr int openmsx::S_DRQ = 0x02
constexpr int openmsx::TRACK00 = 0x04
constexpr int openmsx::LOST_DATA = 0x04
constexpr int openmsx::CRC_ERROR = 0x08
constexpr int openmsx::SEEK_ERROR = 0x10
constexpr int openmsx::RECORD_NOT_FOUND = 0x10
constexpr int openmsx::HEAD_LOADED = 0x20
constexpr int openmsx::RECORD_TYPE = 0x20
constexpr int openmsx::WRITE_PROTECTED = 0x40
constexpr int openmsx::NOT_READY = 0x80
constexpr int openmsx::STEP_SPEED = 0x03
constexpr int openmsx::E_FLAG = 0x04
constexpr int openmsx::T_FLAG = 0x10
constexpr int openmsx::M_FLAG = 0x10
constexpr int openmsx::A0_FLAG = 0x01
constexpr int openmsx::N2R_IRQ = 0x01
constexpr int openmsx::R2N_IRQ = 0x02
constexpr int openmsx::IDX_IRQ = 0x04
constexpr int openmsx::IMM_IRQ = 0x08
constexpr auto openmsx::IDLE = EmuDuration::sec(3)