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PNG.hh File Reference
#include "SDLSurfacePtr.hh"
#include <cstdint>
#include <span>
#include <string>
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namespace  openmsx
 This file implemented 3 utility functions:
namespace  openmsx::PNG
 Utility functions to hide the complexity of saving to a PNG file.


SDLSurfacePtr openmsx::PNG::load (const std::string &filename, bool want32bpp)
 Load the given PNG file in a SDL_Surface.
void openmsx::PNG::saveRGBA (size_t width, std::span< const uint32_t * > rowPointers, const std::string &filename)
void openmsx::PNG::saveGrayscale (size_t width, std::span< const uint8_t * > rowPointers_, const std::string &filename)