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ImGuiUtils.hh File Reference
#include "ImGuiCpp.hh"
#include "Reactor.hh"
#include "function_ref.hh"
#include "ranges.hh"
#include "strCat.hh"
#include "StringOp.hh"
#include <imgui.h>
#include <algorithm>
#include <concepts>
#include <span>
#include <string>
#include <string_view>
#include <utility>
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struct  openmsx::EnumToolTip
struct  openmsx::GetSettingDescription
class  openmsx::VramTable


namespace  ImGui
namespace  openmsx
 This file implemented 3 utility functions:


using openmsx::EnumToolTips = std::span< const EnumToolTip >


enum class  openmsx::imColor : unsigned {
  openmsx::TRANSPARENT , openmsx::BLACK , openmsx::WHITE , openmsx::GRAY ,
  openmsx::YELLOW , openmsx::RED_BG , openmsx::YELLOW_BG , openmsx::TEXT ,
  openmsx::TEXT_DISABLED , openmsx::ERROR , openmsx::WARNING , openmsx::COMMENT ,
  openmsx::VARIABLE , openmsx::LITERAL , openmsx::PROC , openmsx::OPERATOR ,
  openmsx::KEY_ACTIVE , openmsx::KEY_NOT_ACTIVE , openmsx::NUM_COLORS


void ImGui::TextUnformatted (const std::string &str)
void ImGui::TextUnformatted (std::string_view str)
auto ImGui::CalcTextSize (std::string_view str)
template<typename... Ts>
void ImGui::StrCat (Ts &&...ts)
void ImGui::RightAlignText (std::string_view text, std::string_view maxWidthText)
void openmsx::simpleToolTip (std::string_view desc)
void openmsx::simpleToolTip (std::invocable<> auto descFunc)
void openmsx::HelpMarker (std::string_view desc)
void openmsx::centerNextWindowOverCurrent ()
void openmsx::drawURL (std::string_view text, zstring_view url)
bool openmsx::Checkbox (const HotKey &hotKey, BooleanSetting &setting)
bool openmsx::Checkbox (const HotKey &hotKey, const char *label, BooleanSetting &setting, function_ref< std::string(const Setting &)> getTooltip)
bool openmsx::SliderInt (IntegerSetting &setting, ImGuiSliderFlags flags)
bool openmsx::SliderInt (const char *label, IntegerSetting &setting, ImGuiSliderFlags flags)
bool openmsx::SliderFloat (FloatSetting &setting, const char *format, ImGuiSliderFlags flags)
bool openmsx::SliderFloat (const char *label, FloatSetting &setting, const char *format, ImGuiSliderFlags flags)
bool openmsx::InputText (Setting &setting)
bool openmsx::InputText (const char *label, Setting &setting)
void openmsx::ComboBox (Setting &setting, EnumToolTips toolTips)
void openmsx::ComboBox (const char *label, Setting &setting, EnumToolTips toolTips)
void openmsx::ComboBox (const char *label, Setting &setting, function_ref< std::string(const std::string &)> displayValue, EnumToolTips toolTips)
void openmsx::ComboBox (VideoSourceSetting &setting)
void openmsx::ComboBox (const char *label, VideoSourceSetting &setting)
const char * openmsx::getComboString (int item, const char *itemsSeparatedByZeros)
std::string openmsx::formatTime (std::optional< double > time)
float openmsx::calculateFade (float current, float target, float period)
template<int HexDigits>
void openmsx::comboHexSequence (const char *label, int *value, int mult, int offset=0)
template<typename Range , typename Projection >
void openmsx::sortUpDown_T (Range &range, const ImGuiTableSortSpecs *sortSpecs, Projection proj)
template<typename Range , typename Projection >
void openmsx::sortUpDown_String (Range &range, const ImGuiTableSortSpecs *sortSpecs, Projection proj)
const std::string * openmsx::getOptionalDictValue (const std::vector< std::pair< std::string, std::string > > &info, std::string_view key)
template<typename T >
std::vector< std::string > openmsx::getAllValuesFor (std::string_view key, const std::vector< T > &items)
template<typename T >
void openmsx::displayFilterCombo (std::string &selection, zstring_view key, const std::vector< T > &items)
template<typename T >
void openmsx::applyComboFilter (std::string_view key, std::string_view value, const std::vector< T > &items, std::vector< size_t > &indices)
template<std::invocable< size_t > GetName>
void openmsx::filterIndices (std::string_view filterString, GetName getName, std::vector< size_t > &indices)
template<typename T >
void openmsx::applyDisplayNameFilter (std::string_view filterString, const std::vector< T > &items, std::vector< size_t > &indices)
std::string openmsx::getShortCutForCommand (const HotKey &hotkey, std::string_view command)
std::string openmsx::getKeyChordName (ImGuiKeyChord keyChord)
std::optional< ImGuiKeyChord > openmsx::parseKeyChord (std::string_view name)
void openmsx::setColors (int style)
ImU32 openmsx::getColor (imColor col)


std::array< ImU32, size_t(imColor::NUM_COLORS)> openmsx::imColors