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ImGuiPartInterface.hh File Reference
#include "ImGuiCpp.hh"
#include "StringOp.hh"
#include "escape_newline.hh"
#include "stl.hh"
#include "zstring_view.hh"
#include <initializer_list>
#include <string>
#include <string_view>
#include <imgui.h>
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class  openmsx::ImGuiPartInterface
struct  openmsx::PersistentElementBase< C, T >
struct  openmsx::PersistentElement< C, int >
struct  openmsx::PersistentElementMax< C >
struct  openmsx::PersistentElementMinMax< C >
struct  openmsx::PersistentElementEnum< C >
struct  openmsx::PersistentElement< C, unsigned >
struct  openmsx::PersistentElement< C, bool >
struct  openmsx::PersistentElement< C, float >
struct  openmsx::PersistentElement< C, std::string >
struct  openmsx::PersistentElement< C, gl::ivec2 >
struct  openmsx::PersistentElement< C, gl::vec4 >
struct  openmsx::PersistentElement< C, im::WindowStatus >


namespace  openmsx
 This file implemented 3 utility functions:


template<typename C , typename T >
 openmsx::PersistentElement (zstring_view, T C::*) -> PersistentElement< C, T >
template<typename C , typename... Elements>
void openmsx::savePersistent (ImGuiTextBuffer &buf, C &c, const std::tuple< Elements... > &tup)
template<typename C , typename Elem >
bool openmsx::checkLoad (std::string_view name, zstring_view value, C &c, Elem &elem)
template<typename C , typename... Elements>
bool openmsx::loadOnePersistent (std::string_view name, zstring_view value, C &c, const std::tuple< Elements... > &tup)