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#include "Dasm.hh"
#include "DasmTables.hh"
#include "MSXCPUInterface.hh"
#include "narrow.hh"
#include "strCat.hh"
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namespace  openmsx
 This file implemented 3 utility functions:


void openmsx::appendAddrAsHex (std::string &output, uint16_t addr)
unsigned openmsx::dasm (const MSXCPUInterface &interface, uint16_t pc, std::span< uint8_t, 4 > buf, std::string &dest, EmuTime::param time, function_ref< void(std::string &, uint16_t)> appendAddr=&appendAddrAsHex)
unsigned openmsx::instructionLength (const MSXCPUInterface &interface, uint16_t pc, EmuTime::param time)
 Calculate the length of the instruction at the given address.
uint16_t openmsx::instructionBoundary (const MSXCPUInterface &interface, uint16_t addr, EmuTime::param time)
 This is only an heuristic to display instructions in a debugger disassembly view.
uint16_t openmsx::nInstructionsBefore (const MSXCPUInterface &interface, uint16_t addr, EmuTime::param time, int n)
 Get the start address of the 'n'th instruction before the instruction containing the byte at the given address 'addr'.