openmsx::V9990BitmapConverter< Pixel > Member List

This is the complete list of members for openmsx::V9990BitmapConverter< Pixel >, including all inherited members.

convertLine(std::span< Pixel > dst, unsigned x, unsigned y, int cursorY, bool drawCursors)openmsx::V9990BitmapConverter< Pixel >
setColorMode(V9990ColorMode colorMode_, V9990DisplayMode display)openmsx::V9990BitmapConverter< Pixel >inline
V9990BitmapConverter(V9990 &vdp, std::span< const Pixel, 64 > palette64, std::span< const int16_t, 64 > palette64_32768, std::span< const Pixel, 256 > palette256, std::span< const int16_t, 256 > palette256_32768, std::span< const Pixel, 32768 > palette32768)openmsx::V9990BitmapConverter< Pixel >