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#include "Y8950Adpcm.hh"
#include "Y8950.hh"
#include "Clock.hh"
#include "DeviceConfig.hh"
#include "MSXMotherBoard.hh"
#include "Math.hh"
#include "serialize.hh"
#include <algorithm>
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 This file implemented 3 utility functions:


constexpr int openmsx::R07_RESET = 0x01
constexpr int openmsx::R07_SP_OFF = 0x08
constexpr int openmsx::R07_REPEAT = 0x10
constexpr int openmsx::R07_MEMORY_DATA = 0x20
constexpr int openmsx::R07_REC = 0x40
constexpr int openmsx::R07_START = 0x80
constexpr int openmsx::R07_MODE = 0xE0
constexpr int openmsx::R08_ROM = 0x01
constexpr int openmsx::R08_64K = 0x02
constexpr int openmsx::R08_DA_AD = 0x04
constexpr int openmsx::R08_SAMPL = 0x08
constexpr int openmsx::R08_NOTE_SET = 0x40
constexpr int openmsx::R08_CSM = 0x80
constexpr int openmsx::DMAX = 0x6000
constexpr int openmsx::DMIN = 0x7F
constexpr int openmsx::DDEF = 0x7F
constexpr int openmsx::STEP_BITS = 16
constexpr int openmsx::STEP_MASK = (1 << STEP_BITS) -1