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TclArgParser.hh File Reference
#include "CommandException.hh"
#include "TclObject.hh"
#include "span.hh"
#include <functional>
#include <optional>
#include <string_view>
#include <vector>
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struct  openmsx::detail::GetArg< T >
struct  openmsx::detail::GetArg< bool >
struct  openmsx::detail::GetArg< int >
struct  openmsx::detail::GetArg< double >
struct  openmsx::detail::GetArg< std::string_view >
struct  openmsx::detail::GetArg< std::string >
struct  openmsx::detail::GetArg< TclObject >
struct  openmsx::detail::GetArg< std::optional< T > >
struct  openmsx::detail::GetArg< std::vector< T > >
struct  openmsx::ArgsInfo


 Thanks to enen for testing this on a real cartridge:


ArgsInfo openmsx::flagArg (std::string_view name, bool &flag)
template<typename T >
ArgsInfo openmsx::valueArg (std::string_view name, T &value)
std::vector< TclObject > openmsx::parseTclArgs (Interpreter &interp, span< const TclObject > inArgs, span< const ArgsInfo > table)