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StringOp.hh File Reference
#include "string_view.hh"
#include "stringsp.hh"
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <sstream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <algorithm>
#include <cstdint>
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struct  StringOp::caseless
struct  StringOp::casecmp




int StringOp::stringToInt (const string &str)
bool StringOp::stringToInt (const string &str, int &result)
unsigned StringOp::stringToUint (const string &str)
bool StringOp::stringToUint (const string &str, unsigned &result)
uint64_t StringOp::stringToUint64 (const string &str)
bool StringOp::stringToBool (string_view str)
double StringOp::stringToDouble (const string &str)
bool StringOp::stringToDouble (const string &str, double &result)
string StringOp::toLower (string_view str)
bool StringOp::startsWith (string_view total, string_view part)
bool StringOp::startsWith (string_view total, char part)
bool StringOp::endsWith (string_view total, string_view part)
bool StringOp::endsWith (string_view total, char part)
void StringOp::trimRight (string &str, const char *chars)
void StringOp::trimRight (string &str, char chars)
void StringOp::trimRight (string_view &str, string_view chars)
void StringOp::trimRight (string_view &str, char chars)
void StringOp::trimLeft (string &str, const char *chars)
void StringOp::trimLeft (string &str, char chars)
void StringOp::trimLeft (string_view &str, string_view chars)
void StringOp::trimLeft (string_view &str, char chars)
void StringOp::trim (string_view &str, string_view chars)
void StringOp::trim (string_view &str, char chars)
void StringOp::splitOnFirst (string_view str, string_view chars, string_view &first, string_view &last)
void StringOp::splitOnFirst (string_view str, char chars, string_view &first, string_view &last)
void StringOp::splitOnLast (string_view str, string_view chars, string_view &first, string_view &last)
void StringOp::splitOnLast (string_view str, char chars, string_view &first, string_view &last)
vector< string_viewStringOp::split (string_view str, char chars)
vector< unsigned > StringOp::parseRange (string_view str, unsigned min, unsigned max)