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#include "RP5C01.hh"
#include "SRAM.hh"
#include "one_of.hh"
#include "serialize.hh"
#include <cassert>
#include <ctime>
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 This file implemented 3 utility functions:


constexpr nibble openmsx::MODE_REG = 13
constexpr nibble openmsx::TEST_REG = 14
constexpr nibble openmsx::RESET_REG = 15
constexpr nibble openmsx::TIME_BLOCK = 0
constexpr nibble openmsx::ALARM_BLOCK = 1
constexpr nibble openmsx::MODE_BLOKSELECT = 0x3
constexpr nibble openmsx::MODE_ALARMENABLE = 0x4
constexpr nibble openmsx::MODE_TIMERENABLE = 0x8
constexpr nibble openmsx::TEST_SECONDS = 0x1
constexpr nibble openmsx::TEST_MINUTES = 0x2
constexpr nibble openmsx::TEST_DAYS = 0x4
constexpr nibble openmsx::TEST_YEARS = 0x8
constexpr nibble openmsx::RESET_ALARM = 0x1
constexpr nibble openmsx::RESET_FRACTION = 0x2
constexpr nibble openmsx::mask [4][13]