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#include "MC6850.hh"
#include "MidiInDevice.hh"
#include "MSXMotherBoard.hh"
#include "EmuTime.hh"
#include "serialize.hh"
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 This file implemented 3 utility functions:


constexpr unsigned openmsx::CR_CDS1 = 0x01
constexpr unsigned openmsx::CR_CDS2 = 0x02
constexpr unsigned openmsx::CR_CDS = CR_CDS1 | CR_CDS2
constexpr unsigned openmsx::CR_MR = CR_CDS1 | CR_CDS2
constexpr unsigned openmsx::CR_WS1 = 0x04
constexpr unsigned openmsx::CR_WS2 = 0x08
constexpr unsigned openmsx::CR_WS3 = 0x10
constexpr unsigned openmsx::CR_WS = CR_WS1 | CR_WS2 | CR_WS3
constexpr unsigned openmsx::CR_TC1 = 0x20
constexpr unsigned openmsx::CR_TC2 = 0x40
constexpr unsigned openmsx::CR_TC = CR_TC1 | CR_TC2
constexpr unsigned openmsx::CR_RIE = 0x80
constexpr unsigned openmsx::STAT_RDRF = 0x01
constexpr unsigned openmsx::STAT_TDRE = 0x02
constexpr unsigned openmsx::STAT_DCD = 0x04
constexpr unsigned openmsx::STAT_CTS = 0x08
constexpr unsigned openmsx::STAT_OVRN = 0x20
constexpr unsigned openmsx::STAT_IRQ = 0x80