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#include "I8255.hh"
#include "I8255Interface.hh"
#include "serialize.hh"
#include "unreachable.hh"
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namespace  openmsx
 This file implemented 3 utility functions:


const int openmsx::MODE_A = 0x60
const int openmsx::MODEA_0 = 0x00
const int openmsx::MODEA_1 = 0x20
const int openmsx::MODEA_2 = 0x40
const int openmsx::MODEA_2_ = 0x60
const int openmsx::MODE_B = 0x04
const int openmsx::MODEB_0 = 0x00
const int openmsx::MODEB_1 = 0x04
const int openmsx::DIRECTION_A = 0x10
const int openmsx::DIRECTION_B = 0x02
const int openmsx::DIRECTION_C0 = 0x01
const int openmsx::DIRECTION_C1 = 0x08
const int openmsx::SET_MODE = 0x80
const int openmsx::BIT_NR = 0x0E
const int openmsx::SET_RESET = 0x01