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DiskImageUtils.hh File Reference
#include "AlignedBuffer.hh"
#include "endian.hh"
#include "ranges.hh"
#include <array>
#include <span>
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struct  openmsx::MSXBootSector
struct  openmsx::MSXDirEntry
struct  openmsx::Partition
struct  openmsx::PartitionTable
union  openmsx::SectorBuffer


namespace  openmsx
 This file implemented 3 utility functions:
namespace  openmsx::DiskImageUtils


void openmsx::DiskImageUtils::checkValidPartition (SectorAccessibleDisk &disk, unsigned partition)
 Checks whether the disk is partitioned the specified partition exists throws a CommandException if one of these conditions is false. More...
void openmsx::DiskImageUtils::checkFAT12Partition (SectorAccessibleDisk &disk, unsigned partition)
 Like above, but also check whether partition is of type FAT12. More...
bool openmsx::DiskImageUtils::hasPartitionTable (SectorAccessibleDisk &disk)
 Check whether the given disk is partitioned. More...
void openmsx::DiskImageUtils::format (SectorAccessibleDisk &disk, bool dos1=false)
 Format the given disk (= a single partition). More...
void openmsx::DiskImageUtils::partition (SectorAccessibleDisk &disk, std::span< const unsigned > sizes)
 Write a partition table to the given disk and format each partition. More...